The Best Cross Training For Running

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If you are a regular runner, you know how good running is for your body and mind. Running for recreation is something many people enjoy, and some of the recreational runners with time became semi-professionals or even professionals. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a race if you love to run, but if you decide to do so, there is a big chance you will try to find some activities that will upgrade your performance.

Cross training is well known in sports world and refers to the sportsmen which train in some sport they don’t compete in order to upgrade their performances in their basic sport. It can be done in any sport, since all the athletes may benefit from the training in some other sport, and which sport will someone train in a cross training depends on its basic sports, as well as things that need to be upgraded. Other benefits of the cross training include reduced risk of the injuries and better overall health.  There are many good sports for a cross training for the runners. Running requires good balance, endurance and a strong lower body muscles. Which sports may upgrade those things?

indoor-cyclingCycling is an excellent cross training for runners since you will be using muscles you don’t use while running. Besides, it is a great cardiovascular workout and in is beneficial to the knees and other joint which suffer much bigger stress during the running. For almost the same reasons like cycling, you should try swimming as well. Besides, swimming is the perfect workout for upper body muscles including shoulders, arms and chests, which are mostly neglected during the running. Walking is often underrated, but it is also a great workout, especially if you do a power-walking. It will give you many benefits of the running, but with less strain.

Weight training will make your body stronger, which is a good prevention of the injuries. Besides, this way you may focus on some muscle groups that are neglected during the running. It may also help you work on your core muscles to increase balance and mobility. Great workout for the balance and mobility is yoga. It may also help you to strengthen and focus on breathing. Pilates was developed as a help for people with health problems, and it may help you to concentrate, have a better balance and more strength in your whole body.

If you need to strength your legs, you may also try rowing. If you don’t haswimmingve an opportunity to row, you may get a rowing machine and place it in your living room. Other benefits from the rowing are that it builds you lower and upper body at the same time, which makes it more efficient.

In short, running is a great exercise, but you can’t run every day. This is extremely important if you are a professional runner. Your body needs some time to heal and you need to work on muscles you don’t use during the running. Also, your joints and ligaments need some time to recover since running puts a great pressure to them. If you want to become a better runner, you may consider not running as much as you can. It may sound absurd, but if you think a little bit, there is a point in cross training.

Why Is Running Good For Woman

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It is not easy to find some time for yourself in a hectic world we live in. This is even bigger true when it comes to the women. The modern woman has many obligations. She is a working person, a mother, a housekeeper, a cook for her family, a wife and much more. It is hard work to balance the entire obligation and find some time for yourself. But, every person should take care of herself, especially when it comes to the health. After all, if you don’t look after yourself, who will?

One of the basic things for maintaining a health is a physical workout. Everyone should do some physical workout at least three to four times a week, half an hour or more. What kind of a workout are you going to choose, depends on many factors. It depends on how much time you have, in what part of a day, what is your favorite workout and so on.

Many women don’t like running, but they should consider it as a workout. One of the biggest reasons for it is that our bodies are designed for a moving, walking and running. Our ancestors spend most of their lives in a move. On the other hand, we forgot how to do it. For most people in developed countries, life is a constant séance of sitting, interrupted by moments when we have to walk from one seat to the other, or when we sleep. So, why should you start running for?

Let’s start from the basics. Running requires no special equipment and space. All you need is a track suit and some good running shoes, and you can run practically anywhere. If there is a park near your house, or a wild nature, it will be ideal, but you may also run on the streets of your town or even on the stairs of the building you live in. Possibilities are unlimited.

Running has many health benefits. If we talk about physical health, it is good to know that running will make you skinnier and fitter. Your shape will improve, your muscles will burn more energy, your knees and other joints will be much stronger and flexible and your whole body will benefit from it. Some research proved that regular running may reduce the risk of getting cancer.

That is not where the benefits stop. It is well known that exercising increases the release of the serotonin, also known as “the hormone of happiness”. So, running will make you happier and more capable to fight everyday obstacles. As you age, running will help you keep your mental abilities on the certain level. When we consider all this, no wonder that a regular running may add few years to your life span.

Many women already made profit from those facts. In many local races, women are more than 50% of the competitors.women-running When it comes to the semi-professional and professional running, results that women achieved lately and slowly, but steadily are close to those that males made. Women do great especially in long distance runs. Some experts say it is so because females are a weaker sex, but also the more durable one.

If you are still not sure that running is the right thing for you, here is one more information. On the last Boston Marathon, one of the biggest and oldest runs of that kind in the world, 27165 people started a race. About 45% of them were women. Almost 98% of them finished it. So, what are you waiting for? There is a number on the next Boston Marathon waiting for you.

Walking As a Physical Exercise

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Human bodies are created for the moving. Ever since the appearance of the first humans, we were walking, running and moving in general. Most of the work done was physical and our bodies adapted to it. Modern humans, on the other hand, don’t move enough. Many people sit while they work, drive to their jobs, use elevators to reach higher floors and remote controls to change channels on the TV and do anything to avoid moving.

That is not good for our body and soul. Lack of exercise may create may health problems and many people do suffer from the health issues that can be cured with the exchange of the everyday habits. If we talk about the moving, people have a lot of excuses. Lack of the time, bad shape and condition, problems with the joints and so on are all real problems, but as excuses, they are irrelevant.walking

If you are looking for a simple and rather easy training which can be done in anytime and doesn’t require special equipment and training, try walking.Yes, walking is a good training for anyone. It is a low-impact exercise that has many health benefits. Regular walking lowers the level of the bad cholesterol and keeps blood pressure within the healthy limits. It can significantly reduce the risk of the stroke and heart attack. It also lowers the risk for many diseases, including asthma, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. It prevents dementia and osteoporosis.

If you started to train to look good, which is also a valid reason, let’s not forget it may help you tone your muscles, reduce your weight and keep it in a health level. Walking on a daylight will boost your vitamin D level since that is the only way our body can make it. It will also give you energy and make you happier, especially if you walk through the nature.

If you decided to start walking, there are still some things you need to know. There is no need to get some special equipment for the walking, but make sure things you wear and your shoes are comfortable and suitable for the time of the year and other condition. If you walk on the sun, protect yourself and avoid walking during the hottest moments, especially at the summer. It is not necessary, but you can take a bottle of water to keep hydrated. Start with shorter distances and easier paths, especially if you walk through the nature and increase the intensity gradually.

If you want to walk with the higher intensity, try racewalking or nordic walking. Racewalking is an Olympic sport where you should be the fastest person to reach the goal. The difference between the racewalking and running is in the fact that racewalkers must always during the race have one leg on the ground. Nordic walking is a walking with the specially designed walking poles similar to the ski poles. It is a great workout since it requires the work of the upper body muscles which are not represented enough in other walking and running activities.

To sum up, walking is a great workout suitable for all people, including those with the bad shape, health issues or other disabilities. It can also be a good starting point if you have never exercised to gain some condition before you move to the more challenging disciplines.

Hello Runners!

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This a simple but true story that changed my life forever!

There are many facts in everyone life that make us all unique, and how we have evolved ever since we were born and all the changes and choices that we have taken to be who we are today and where are we heading.
It’s a path that takes us into a journey and adventure where we are the only ones who decide to walk it, run it, ride it, or just pass through it with a particular purpose or simply been curious.