• gone running

    A simple but true story that changed my life forever.

    There are many facts in everyone life that make us all unique, and how we have evolved ever since we were born and all the changes and choices that we have taken to be who we are today and where are we heading.
    It's a path that takes us into a journey and adventure where we are the only ones who decide to walk it, run it, ride it, or just pass through it with a particular purpose or simply been curious.

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  • finish line

    How many different faces can you do of yourself?

    I really don't know when and how I come up with that face. The only explanation I have is that I am sucking up a deep breath in order to have fill up my lungs with oxigen as I am aproaching the finish line. :)
    Now, the guy behind me, asked me...and what's with your fingers? it looks like you are holding guns! and honestly I didn't have an idea of having my hands like that at the moment I was sprinting, but it is too funny, maybe it is an instint of not let him beat me. :)

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Women Running

For decades you normally see in a road race that the majority of the runners are male, well not lately. I would say that for the past 3 or 4 years every race I get involved whether is as a volunteer or as athlete the 65% of the runners are female.

Why I noticed this, because I normally run against the girls, yeah! and I have nothing against them, in fact I love them all..it is just a way to measure my endurance conditions.

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All things considered

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  • Gear Up
  • Techniques
  • Cross-Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Health's Stuff
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  • One Love Bike Ride
    One Love Bike Ride

    A Helluva Ride!

    Here Doug and I, on a journey of 750 miles to raise money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Thoughts Foundation.
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