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Improving your Health while Running

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Improving your Health while Running, The fat burning game.
Running since long is associated with improving and maintaining your health. There isn’t far more effective yet simple form as running while maintain your fitness peak as well as improving overall health. There involves far more health benefits associated with just running and that makes it full-fledged form of aerobic exercise and training. There are lot more benefits that will keep you putting forward one foot in front of the other such as:

  • Running minimizes Heart Risks:

Running leads to improvement in blood sugar sensitivity, stabilizing of blood pressure, and increase in HDL i.e. good cholesterol. Hence eliminating the traces of LDL i.e. bad cholesterol thus overall cutting risks associated from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Its an Efficient Fat burner:

Running is an intense and action packed form of aerobic training and exercise, which makes running an efficient fat burning activity. Since women are more possessive towards their weight and physical aspects and mostly prefer slimmer body. Thereby running is far more efficient as it helps in reducing body weight by burning excess fat and burning additional calories.

  • Running Relieves Stress:

When it comes to stress-free and to curbing anxiety there is nothing better than running and exercising for an hour rather than spending that time sleeping. Hence running can help women in dealing with mood swings and anxiety control and thereby overall reducing stress associated with our day to day lives. Whenever feeling low just wear on your running shoes and get running out in open.

  • Running protects against Cancer:

A review and study of 170 studies published in the Journal of Nutrition states that frequent runners are associated with a much lower risk against developing certain cancers. In current scenario where women are far more exposed towards developing cancers, in particular breast cancer. Several breast cancer survivors who initiated running resulted in significance reduction in breast cancer reduction and even decreasing mortality rates. Thus there is rising need for women to develop running habits and hence reducing the chances against breast cancers.

  • Running lets you Live Longer:

Running comes with various benefits in relation to body and mind. It helps to keep calm and composed during hectic day to day routine. As long-term study conducted on the effects of running for a longer life as published by the Stanford University School of Medicine, study found that frequent runners have more life expectancy as compared to non-runners. As 85% of runners are still alive leading healthy lifestyles as compared to 66% of non-runners.

  • Running Strengthens Joints:

Running helps in maintaining your joint fitness and keeps them working to the optimum. Being sedentary or stagnant is far more harmful as Immobilization or stagnancy has corrosive effect on joints and running is what that keep your joints lubricated. Thereby proving beneficial to women which are typically under high risks of developing osteoarthritis in later stage. Since women are more vulnerable to diseases related to joint failure thus making running a daily habit will indeed help you in future course of life.

Benefits of Start Running

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Women Running

The exceptional Benefits of Start Running (article dedicated to Women)

Running is by far the most basic and simplest form of achieving physically fitness. On the contrary running being so effective form of exercising yet somehow its benefits are undermined. Although running has always remained a very popular form among the fitness freaks yet running isn’t given the utmost importance as a part of our routine fitness activities.

Initially start by running 5 to 10 minutes a day and you’ll be amazed to see the impact that little running session provided you. Running being a simple yet effective form requires nothing more than just a good pair of running shoes as the essential gear. runner-888016_1280Running for women possesses significant benefits and helps in dealing with major fitness challenges faced by women and hence overcoming them altogether. Some people relate running to sprint runs, marathon runs, endurance runs, etc. In fact these are all just advance form of running dealing competitive challenges. For novice runners just running 10 minutes a day can do the trick and help you achieve something that was so far felt unattainable. Start by increasing your goals step by step and you’ll start noticing the difference which by far was missing. Running has been associated with major health benefits overall and doing it regularly can do wonders.

  • Beneficial for your joints:

Running helps in maintaining your joint fitness and keeps them working to the optimum. Being sedentary or stagnant is far more harmful as Immobilization or stagnancy has corrosive effect on joints and running is what that keep your joints lubricated. Thereby proving beneficial to women which are typically under high risks of developing osteoarthritis in later stage. Just for 10 minutes wear your running gear and go out for a run and that would essentially decrease various health related risks.

  • Best way towards burning fat:

Running is the most effective and efficient way to burn excess fat. Running is by far the most popular, simple and effective form to do aerobic training. Running is something that you can start small and slow while gradually pushing towards much higher intensities and farther distances hence increasing the overall endurance level. Since women are more possessive towards their weight and physical aspects and mostly prefer slimmer body. Thereby running is far more efficient in that as it helps in reducing body weight by burning excess fat and burning additional calories.

  • Keeps shielded against muscle and bone loss:

Women often deal with major health issues like loss in bone density and calcium deficiency with age. Running has proven significant results towards muscle and bone strengthening and further raising bone density and muscle tissue repairmen and development.

  • Running is good for your heart:

Running has always been associated with a fit and healthy heart. In a study related to female runners published in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered and stated that being a frequent runner resulted in, “Substantial increase in HDL i.e. good cholesterol.” The study also laid emphasis on the importance of running in lowering LDL i.e. bad cholesterol. Running also being listed as efficient way to control and monitor your fluctuated blood pressure levels and helps them keeping in check.

Running Cross Training, get your way to fitness

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Generally cross training is referred to a combination of various exercises in different disciplines. It is also known as circuit training which is a bit different from those training for athletes. In order to supplement running, when a runner gets trained up by using various different fitness workouts such as cycling, fitness lessons and swimming, it is referred to as cross training. This usually brings flexibility and builds up strength in muscles faster as compared to simply running. It corrects muscular imbalances and prevents injury, boredom and burnouts.


  • improves fitness,
  • injury prevention
  • rehabilitation,
  • quicker recovery,
  • boredom buster

Its quick trick is the runners cross training approach. Power and tenacity are the two major strengths of a runner. But along with strengths comes weakness.

  • quads
  • overpower our hamstrings,
  • neglected upper bodies,
  • Poor flexibility—leads to problems.

Mainly these are required for cardiovascular fitness. Cross training running and other activities have proven to be great cardiovascular workouts. These build greater benefits for the body making it stronger. Regular running eventually burns-out even the hard-core runners. Hence running through cross training provides a mental break for the runners and maintains their interest in fitness. Long distance events like marathofitness cross trainingns require cross training majorly.

In endurance with slow runs and long runs, training is specifically required to improve skills and practice, says conventional wisdom. Improved speed with periodic spells is the resultant of the same. Professional and yet most dedicated runners are specifically recommended cross training. For big events like marathons and triathlons, these runners don’t hurt their running. Most of the coaches and trainers recommend them cross training for running in order to maintain their stamina, skills and interest in the same. One sport runners are usually said to be poorly skeletal shaped from their upper portion of the body. Additional workouts with variance are proved to be better to improve overall fitness.

It is also said that reducing energy and time on running and spending the saved on other fitness activities reduced the chance of injuries and other impact related with running. For the trainers and coaches who stick to traditional concept of “specific training” should follow the same as cross training and sudden changes in athlete’s fitness routine will not cause any improvement in their running.

Cross training theories for running include sports like:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • baseball
  • skiing
  • tennis
  • badminton

Cross-Training for Runners

Four major keys for cross-training are required for runners:

Choosing workouts: its option include

  • elliptical trainers,
  • cross-country ski machines,
  • stationary bikes, and
  • Water running.

Check on heart rate: cross training usually keeps a normal heart rate above 70% of maximum (200 – a person’s heart rate) mostly. In short, a person needs to be working out and sweating a lot.
Check on actual mileage: one can combine cross-training with running with a lower actual mileage in order to maximize fitness from running. A person can easily substitute 25 – 30 % of their weekly “mileage” through cross-training.

Differentiate cross training from workouts:  usually there are two factors, old-schooled and new schooled. Old schooled pursuits do not give any replacement for running  which required heavy dosage of covering miles while the new-schooled coaches recommend cross training for runners as a replacement.

Yoga for Runners

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Historical Genius

Yoga might not be as intensive and heart-pounding form of exercise that your frequent running provides, but yoga indeed helps significantly in developing flexibility and strength that no other form of intense activity could provide.

Yoga practice is essential for almost all runners out there, as running leads to muscle tightness which could further lead to injuries. In our current way of life constituting mostly of ideal sitting jobs and chores hence reducing flexibility of naturally shortened hamstring. Almost suddenly then we go out to intense training without giving much time for regaining flexibility, thus ultimately exerting more stress on the hamstring resulting in hamstring injury. Thus there is an urgent need to increase our overall flexibility so as to reduce the chances of attaining injuries. yoga

Thereby yoga serves the crucial aspect while dealing with flexible aspect of training, as yoga is the effective way to increase the overall flexibility of our body.

Henceforth, preparing our body to take on extreme exertion posted through heavy and intensive running. In particular women body are more susceptible and fragile towards intensive set of workouts, thereby it is of immense importance for women to initiate regular yoga practice besides routine aerobic training. As yoga helps in loosening of tight muscles and hence overall reducing the chances of injuries attained during intense workouts.

  • Yoga helps in improving strength:

Yoga poses help in strengthening of the quads, core, hip flexors and hamstrings. Presence of weak hamstring will pose runner at greater risk for developing injury. As running exerts and tests your overall body setup thereby it’s essential to reduce stiffness from our body. As a stiff body leads to muscle tightening and further leads to muscle rupture. Women in particular can focus and practice yoga much easily and actively as in general female bodies are far more flexible, henceforth performing almost all yoga poses with fewer efforts.

  • Yoga is effective for stretching:

We always neglect the importance of stretching while going out for our intensive workouts and training sessions. Stretching helps in lengthening of dormant muscles without building sudden stress into them. The intensive workout session poses sudden stress to the muscle hence causing inflexibility which further results in injuries. Thus integrating yoga in to our daily routine and aerobic training will ensure lengthening of stiff muscles, thereby reducing injuries caused through muscle rupture and failure.

  • Yoga teaches breath control:

Yoga deals with calm and composed poses performed under controlled breathing. During running lungs undergo strain which leads to fast and shallow breathing, thus supplying less amount of oxygen into our body. Hence proper breathing allows a larger supply of oxygen through our lungs to our body, consequently increasing the overall body performance and efficiency.

In particular to women yoga practice result in controlling uneven breathing habits and development of calm and composed nature into our hectic lives.

Performing yoga poses and deeply indulging in it while holding and controlling your breathing that will benefit and transfer all your accumulated energy towards running and other aerobic training.

The Best Cross Training For Running

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If you are a regular runner, you know how good running is for your body and mind. Running for recreation is something many people enjoy, and some of the recreational runners with time became semi-professionals or even professionals. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a race if you love to run, but if you decide to do so, there is a big chance you will try to find some activities that will upgrade your performance.

Cross training is well known in sports world and refers to the sportsmen which train in some sport they don’t compete in order to upgrade their performances in their basic sport. It can be done in any sport, since all the athletes may benefit from the training in some other sport, and which sport will someone train in a cross training depends on its basic sports, as well as things that need to be upgraded. Other benefits of the cross training include reduced risk of the injuries and better overall health.  There are many good sports for a cross training for the runners. Running requires good balance, endurance and a strong lower body muscles. Which sports may upgrade those things?

indoor-cyclingCycling is an excellent cross training for runners since you will be using muscles you don’t use while running. Besides, it is a great cardiovascular workout and in is beneficial to the knees and other joint which suffer much bigger stress during the running. For almost the same reasons like cycling, you should try swimming as well. Besides, swimming is the perfect workout for upper body muscles including shoulders, arms and chests, which are mostly neglected during the running. Walking is often underrated, but it is also a great workout, especially if you do a power-walking. It will give you many benefits of the running, but with less strain.

Weight training will make your body stronger, which is a good prevention of the injuries. Besides, this way you may focus on some muscle groups that are neglected during the running. It may also help you work on your core muscles to increase balance and mobility. Great workout for the balance and mobility is yoga. It may also help you to strengthen and focus on breathing. Pilates was developed as a help for people with health problems, and it may help you to concentrate, have a better balance and more strength in your whole body.

If you need to strength your legs, you may also try rowing. If you don’t haswimmingve an opportunity to row, you may get a rowing machine and place it in your living room. Other benefits from the rowing are that it builds you lower and upper body at the same time, which makes it more efficient.

In short, running is a great exercise, but you can’t run every day. This is extremely important if you are a professional runner. Your body needs some time to heal and you need to work on muscles you don’t use during the running. Also, your joints and ligaments need some time to recover since running puts a great pressure to them. If you want to become a better runner, you may consider not running as much as you can. It may sound absurd, but if you think a little bit, there is a point in cross training.

Walking As a Physical Exercise

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Human bodies are created for the moving. Ever since the appearance of the first humans, we were walking, running and moving in general. Most of the work done was physical and our bodies adapted to it. Modern humans, on the other hand, don’t move enough. Many people sit while they work, drive to their jobs, use elevators to reach higher floors and remote controls to change channels on the TV and do anything to avoid moving.


Walking, Trail Walking, Hiking

That is not good for our body and soul. Lack of exercise may create may health problems and many people do suffer from the health issues that can be cured with the exchange of the everyday habits. If we talk about the moving, people have a lot of excuses. Lack of the time, bad shape and condition, problems with the joints and so on are all real problems, but as excuses, they are irrelevant.

If you are looking for a simple and rather easy training which can be done in anytime and doesn’t require special equipment and training, try moderate to fast walk.Yes, walking is a good training for anyone. It is a low-impact exercise that has many health benefits. Regular walking lowers the level of the bad cholesterol and keeps blood pressure within the healthy limits. It can significantly reduce the risk of the stroke and heart attack. It also lowers the risk for many diseases, including asthma, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. It prevents dementia and osteoporosis.

If you started to train to look good, which is also a valid reason, let’s not forget it may help you tone your muscles, reduce your weight and keep it in a health level. Walking on a daylight will boost your vitamin D level since that is the only way our body can make it. It will also give you energy and make you happier, especially if you walk through the nature.

If you decided to start walking, there are still some things you need to know. There is no need to get some special equipment for the walking, but make sure things you wear and your shoes are comfortable and suitable for the time of the year and other condition. If you walk on the sun, protect yourself and avoid walking during the hottest moments, especially at the summer. It is not necessary, but you can take a bottle of water to keep hydrated. Start with shorter distances and easier paths, especially if you walk through the nature and increase the intensity gradually.

If you want to walk with the higher intensity, try racewalking or nordic walking. Racewalking is an Olympic sport where you should be the fastest person to reach the goal. The difference between the racewalking and running is in the fact that racewalkers must always during the race have one leg on the ground. Nordic walking is a walking with the specially designed walking poles similar to the ski poles. It is a great workout since it requires the work of the upper body muscles which are not represented enough in other walking and running activities.

To sum up, walking is a great workout suitable for all people, including those with the bad shape, health issues or other disabilities. It can also be a good starting point if you have never exercised to gain some condition before you move to the more challenging disciplines.