No doubt that running is one of the most natural human activities and one of the most common recreational practices. It doesn’t require any special equipment besides the tracksuit and running shoes, it can be done practically anywhere, and it can be as challenging as you want it to be. It has many mental and physical benefits, and if haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you to do so.

No matter are you an experienced runner or just the beginner, you probably wondered how it would be like to5K Running run an official race. No doubt it is challenging, but also a rewarding feeling to race and finish it. There is no need to be a medal winner to feel fulfilled. If you are thinking about racing, you should try with the 5K running race for the beginning.

5K is the shortest of the most common road running distances. As the name says, it is a run on the 5000 meters distance. It is especially popular among novice since it is rather easy to complete without the endurance training. Because of the distance and the required time, it is a great race for people of all ages and abilities to participate. Still it requires some training and preparation, but it is not time-consuming as preparation for bigger distances.

If you are a beginner, the 5K race is a great goal. It is not too hard to accomplish, but it still requires some preparation. First of all, you should set smaller goals that will lead to the final goal: your first race. Don’t overdrive, but keep to the plan. Make plan that will give you enough time for preparation. A good idea it to visit a doctor to check your overall health before you start running.  Start every training with a warm-up and stretching. That will help you avoid injuries. During the training, do a combination of the fast runs, long runs and cross training for the maximum results.

Training too much or with the highest possible intensity few days before the race should be avoided. That will not make you more prepared for the race, and you will only risk some injury. On the day before the race, make sure you eat enough but don’t overdrive. That is especially important for the day of the race. You must eat, but running with the full stomach is a bad idea. Make sure you drink enough and stay hydrated. There is no need for a food intake during the race, since it is a rather small distance, but a bottle of water or some energy drink you will have with you is a good idea, especially if you are running on a hot day and sweat a lot.

Check the weather forecast before the race, and try to protect yourself from the sun or rain. Also, make sure to wear proper clothes. You won’t be able to do your best if you are freezing or you are too hot. And finally, enjoy the race. There is no need to run after the result. Just the fact you were on a race and finished it is a big victory and you should enjoy it.