Half Marathon Distance Running

Placing some goals in front of you is a good method in many aspects of your life. That is a way to create not just the goal, but also a way to reach that goal. It is not different when it comes to the running. When you start running, you probably don’t think about running a marathon.

An average person is lucky if he or she can run for fifteen minutes without stopping. But, if you persist, after a while you may run longer distances, including the longest ones.half marathon running

We have all heard a story about the Greek courier that ran for 42 kilometers to bring the news to the Athens about the Greeks victory over the Persians in the Marathon field. When first modern Olympic games occurred in 1896 in Greece, organizers were looking for an event that will recall glorious antic times. They came with the idea of the marathon race, which was determined to be around 42 kilometers long. Modern standards say that marathon must be 42 kilometers and 195 meters long. Therefore, a half marathon is about 21 kilometers long.

The idea of the half marathon was derived from the fact it is still a rather challenging distance to run but doesn’t require a level of preparation you need for a marathon. Sometimes it is called 21K or 13.1 miles, it is usually performed on the roads and often it is held at the same time as the marathon, only with a later start or some other way to distinct runner from those two categories. Official results are recorded since 1960, and recent professional results are about one hour.

If you set a goal to run half marathon, the good news is that it is possible. The bad news is it requires some time and effort before you stand on a start of such an event. Before you even consider training for a half marathon, you should be able to run at least 20 kilometers in a week. If you are just a beginner, keep on running and increase your mileage to get enough endurance.

Don’t make a goal that is impossible to achieve. If you are a beginner, there is no way you can prepare for a half marathon in two weeks. You will need at least five months. If that sound a lot, you should know that even experienced recreational runners will have to prepare for two and a half to three months before the race.

Create a training plan with the smaller goals which will lead to the final goal you have in mind. This is a good way to accomplish anything since if you go straight for a big goal, you probably won’t make it and you will lose a will. In your weekly schedule include easy run, long run, and cross training. Try to incorporate training into an everyday routine and if you miss a training or two, just continue where you stopped. And finally, don’t overdo. That is a worst thing you can do and it will do no good to you or your plans.

On the day of the race, make sure you eat something. The best choice is eating carbs for a week before the race to prepare for the challenge. Still, don’t overdo. Last thing you need is a full stomach while you run. Drink enough before and during the race, but avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol day before the race because it dehydrates the body. If you follow this rules and persist, in a couple of months you may enjoy your very first half marathon.