Why Is Running Good For Women

It is not easy to find some time for yourself in a hectic world we live in. This is even bigger true when it comes to the women. The modern woman has many obligations. Read on, and learn why is running good for women.

She is a working person, a mother, a housekeeper, a cook for her family, a wife and much more. It is hard work to balance the entire obligation and find some time for yourself.

running good for women

But, every person should take care of herself, especially when it comes to the health. After all, if you don’t look after yourself, who will?

One of the basic things for maintaining a health is a physical workout. Everyone should do some physical workout at least three to four times a week, half an hour or more.

What kind of a workout are you going to choose, depends on many factors. It depends on how much time you have, in what part of a day, what is your favorite workout and so on.

Many women don’t like running, but they should consider it as a workout. One of the biggest reasons for it is that our bodies are designed for a moving, walking and running. Our ancestors spend most of their lives in a move.

On the other hand, we forgot how to do it. For most people in developed countries, life is a constant stance of sitting, interrupted by moments when we have to walk from one seat to the other, or when we sleep. So, why should you start running for?

Let’s start from the basics. Running requires no special equipment and space. All you need is a track suit and some good running shoes, and you can run practically anywhere.

If there is a park near your house, or a wild nature, it will be ideal, but you may also run on the streets of your town or even on the stairs of the building you live in. Possibilities are unlimited.

Running has many health benefits. If we talk about physical health, it is good to know that running will make you skinnier and fitter.

Your shape will improve, your muscles will burn more energy, your knees and other joints will be much stronger and flexible and your whole body will benefit from it. Some research proved that regular running may reduce the risk of getting cancer.

That is not where the benefits stop. It is well known that exercising increases the release of the serotonin, also known as “the hormone of happiness”.

So, running will make you happier and more capable to fight everyday obstacles. As you age, running will help you keep your mental abilities on the certain level. When we consider all this, no wonder that a regular running may add few years to your life span.

Many women already made profit from those facts. In many local races, women are more than 50% of the competitors. When it comes to the semi-professional and professional running, results that women achieved lately and slowly, but steadily are close to those that males made.

Women do great especially in long distance runs. Some experts say it is so because females are a weaker sex, but also the more durable one.

If you are still not sure that running is the right thing for you, here is one more information. On the last Boston Marathon, one of the biggest and oldest runs of that kind in the world, 27165 people started a race. About 45% of them were women. Almost 98% of them finished it. So, what are you waiting for? There is a number on the next Boston Marathon waiting for you.

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